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At one time or another, you’ve been stressed about money.

Whether you’ve had too little and didn’t know how to pay your next bill or had too much (lucky you!) and didn’t know if you were spending or savings it wisely, money is a constant stressor. At Fiscal Fitness, we don’t think it has to be. We help individuals and small businesses take control of their money. We don’t think money should stop you from dreaming big. Quite the opposite. Your money should work to help you achieve your dreams.

Let us show you how.

"I am on a mission to take the stress out of money."

Kelsa Dickey

Founder of Fiscal Fitness
Financial Coach


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Learn. Be Inspired.

At Fiscal Fitness, we believe everyone has the power to take control of their finances that's why we freely give away our strategies for success and inspire through our weekly podcast and the Fiscal Fitness blog. In addition, Kelsa has been featured on local TV stations and is a frequent speaker and lecturer.

The Podcast: The Saver and The Spender.

The Saver and The Spender is a weekly podcast about money, saving, budgeting and debt from both perspectives, hosted by Kelsa Dickey (AKA The Saver) and Michael Dickey (AKA The Spender).

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Your Fiscal Fitness Team

Michael Dickey

C0-Founder and Creative Director

Kelsa Dickey

Founder and Financial Coach

Sheri Gundlach

Client Concierge
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Kelsa Has Been Seen On and In:

"Working with Kelsa has helped my husband and I feel more confident and reduced our stress regarding our finances. She has given us the tools to look at our money and financial goals in a new way. Kelsa is always positive and a pleasure to work with."

Eric & Erin • Gaines, MI

"Thank goodness for Kelsa! I found her as a recent college grad with a growing credit card bill and no ability to manage my finances. Kelsa taught me how to budget, plan for the future and adapt with my changing life. I know have a balance of zero on credit cards, a Roth IRA, multiple savings accounts and most importantly the knowledge to manage my finances for the rest of my life."

KC Drypolcher • Santa Fe, NM

"When I started working with Kelsa, I had just taken on the new adventure of being a single parent. I wanted to make sure that everything I was doing was the smartest and best financial decision I would make for my son and I. Since then, she has helped me cut almost $1,000 out of my monthly expenses, helped me get into a new car, guided me toward the best life and health insurance options all will socking away $600 per month. Oh, and did I mention all of my credit cards are paid off? IN THREE MONTHS!!! This woman is amazing."

Cara Cates • Mesa, AZ

"Fiscal Fitness services for me was the difference between feeling like failing and feeling like a success. I could not be more grateful for Kelsa and what she has done for me in one short month. After my Eureka Session, I told myself I could do it on my own. Each month, I kept trying and each month I kept struggling. After a year of trying, I'd finally had enough and told Kelsa I needed to do her bootcamp. In the first month, I stopped using savings to make ends meet. I was in control of both my business and personal finances and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. My stress around money was all but eliminated."

April Prothero • Mesa, AZ

Are you ready to feel the same way?

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