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Budgeting for a new baby

Our beautiful and smart daughter Carmen will be 2 years old in December. So that tells you it took us almost two years to put together our all-around fabulous budgeting tool to help you plan for your new arrival. We took everything we learned from our own experience, everything I've seen from clients' budgets [...]

November 7th, 2017|Financial, Learn, Save|

The Saver and The Spender Episode 22: Active vs. Passive Investing with financial Advisor Shanna Tingom

In this episode, Kelsa avoids breaking Michael's computer and interviews financial advisor extraordinaire, Shanna Tingom, from Heritage Financial Strategies in Gilbert, AZ. Most people tend to take a hands off approach to investing, especially if you hire a financial advisor.  There are different strategies that people have for their investments, passive investing is typically [...]

November 3rd, 2017|Financial, Learn, Podcast, Strategize|

Upcoming Money Workshops - October 2017

You've likely heard about our fabulous workshops!! I wouldn't be surprised, the news is spreading quickly that they are changing the way people see and feel about their money! Typically these have been done live and in-person out of our classroom in Mesa, Arizona. We are excited that in October we're launching the first [...]

October 3rd, 2017|Learn, Workshops|

The Equifax Breach - What you need to know and do!

You may have heard about the Equifax Data Breach that occurred from May - July, but was just announced this past week. The gist is that 143 million people had their name, social security number, credit file documents (in some cases), birth dates, addresses, and even driver's license numbers stolen. It's scary stuff. I don't [...]

September 11th, 2017|News, Strategize|

The Saver and The Spender Podcast Episode 14: Julie DeVito, personal coach and time management expert

Julie DeVito is a personal coach that specializes in working with professional women, leaders, mothers and others who set big goals for themselves and want to keep reaching new levels of success.  Her areas of expertise are performance psychology, leadership development, productivity improvement and stress management.  She is a certified professional coach, holds a Master's [...]

May 12th, 2017|Learn|

Tab's Tips for What to Buy at Goodwill

Guest Post by style consultant Tabitha Dumas.  Check out her website at If you’re new to Goodwill shopping, or thrifting or secondhand shopping in general, this post about what to buy at Goodwill is for you. Goodwill shopping, like a lot of shopping, is hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll leave with nothing and [...]

April 18th, 2017|Learn, Save, Strategize|

The Saver and The Spender Podcast Episode 12: The Dynamic Communicator, Jill Schiefelbein

Communication -the human connection- is the key to personal and career success. - Paul J. Meyer In today's episode we talk with The Dynamic Communicator, Jill Schiefelbein.  She is a communication expert and leads businesses and individuals towards better communication skills by involving 3 audiences: internal, consumers and general public.  She is the author [...]

March 28th, 2017|Podcast|
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