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Don't get fooled by an IRS Tax phone scam

You get a phone call from the IRS stating that you owe big money and that if you don't pay right now you will get arrested.  The caller sounds like they know what they are talking about, they use your name, address and phone number and it is plausible because you just submitted your [...]

March 28th, 2017|Learn|

The Saver and The Spender Podcast Episode 10: Jen Casey and Angie Lee from The Wellpreneur Business Academy

Jen Casey and Angie Lee are the geniuses behind The Wellpreneur Business Academy, which is an exclusive 3 month program that teaches health coaches systems and strategies that will launch their brand and master live video, social media and branding. Today we are chatting with them about how they coach wellness professionals to succeed.  Not [...]

March 15th, 2017|Podcast|

Check me out on TV!

I was recently interviewed by the local Phoenix news channel Arizona Family Channel 3 on how to stay out of debt and shop smart this holiday season.  It was a great experience and they plan on me being their budgeting expert. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

November 27th, 2016|Strategize|

Holiday Gift Budgeting Guide

When we budget for holidays we usually just think of birthdays, Christmas or Hanukkah, Mothers' and Fathers' Day and maybe Valentine's Day.  But in reality there are so many other holidays that a lot of people buy gifts for that we miss them and go over budget.  Do you remember Easter, Christmas decorations, supplies, [...]

October 26th, 2016|Save, Strategize|
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