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Client Story - Working Hard but Broke

The Story of How I Tried to Budget on My Own, then Tried to Quit Kelsa, then Realized I was Succeeding in the Process.$29.87 and $46.89. These numerical values have much more meaning than just being "dollars" to me. $29.87 was the amount of money that we had in our bank account the day my […]

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Client Story - Marriage, Babies, and Money

How We Went from "Just Getting By" to "Better Than We Ever Thought Possible"As I sit here this Thanksgiving Eve I can't help but think about how different things were 3 years ago on Thanksgiving. Our first son had just turned 6 months old and my husband and I were thankful, but also tired, stressed, […]

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Client Story - Financially Preparing for College

How a Budget Helped Me Go to Nursing School...and Other Skills I Learned in the Process.(This is a client's description of her experiences. Every person's path is different so please be respectful with your comments. If you'd like to share your budgeting success story, drop me an email! I'd love to share your experiences with […]

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