Why I love and hate Dave Ramsey

Now-a-days everyone is an expert in personal finance and budgeting.  There are lots of people and companies that are helping people with their money stress.  Some people focus on mindset.  Some people focus on living minimally and sacrifice.  Others tell people to focus on using a specific app or worksheet [...]

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Tips for Thanking Clients

Tips for Thanking Clients As a small business owner and budgeting coach for other business owners, I know firsthand the challenges faced when it comes to attracting and retaining clients. Without clients, we don’t have a business so don’t save the thank-yous for the holiday season! Make thanking clients a [...]

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10 Quotes About Delayed Gratification

10 Quotes About Delayed Gratification Not buying something now in favor of saving for a better item in the future is called delayed gratification. Here’s what a few famous folks have to say about it: “The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to [...]

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An Inexpensive Baby's Room

Michael and I are excited to have our first baby on the way. Miss Carmen will be joining us as a New Year baby- her due date is 1/5/16! I know it's easy to get lost in Pinterest-Land and see all the extravagant nurseries people have designed. I think about [...]

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Shopping Second Hand: Insider Secrets

Tips, Strategies and Tricks for Shopping Second Hand from an Insider If you haven't tried secondhand shopping to help build your wardrobe, I highly recommend giving it a try. I know it can seem overwhelming, intimidating or even "icky" so I hope these tips can help you navigate the secondhand [...]

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