An Inexpensive Baby’s Room

Michael and I are excited to have our first baby on the way. Miss Carmen will be joining us as a New Year baby- her due date is 1/5/16! I know it's easy to get lost in Pinterest-Land and see all the extravagant nurseries people have designed. I think about [...]

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Shopping Second Hand: Insider Secrets

Tips, Strategies and Tricks for Shopping Second Hand from an Insider If you haven't tried secondhand shopping to help build your wardrobe, I highly recommend giving it a try. I know it can seem overwhelming, intimidating or even "icky" so I hope these tips can help you navigate the secondhand [...]

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Cheap & Creative Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost upon us and I'm curious- how much will you be spending on your costume this year? Did you make sure to add this expense to your October budget? I spent countless hours (not really, I used Pinterest) to find Halloween costumes that could be replicated pretty inexpensively. [...]

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Budget to start the week

The beginning of every week - either Sunday night or Monday morning - is a great time to update your budget! Keep in mind, budgeting is all about PLANNING AHEAD with your money so spend a few minutes to do just that- budget exactly what you're doing with your money [...]

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