Stuff 0, Happiness 1

After moving a month ago, I was reminded of some things - I own a lot of stuff and I hate stuff. Let me clarify, I'm not a pack rat, quite the opposite actually. I don't like clutter and therefore, I try to buy things that serve a purpose. I'm [...]

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Choose Your Hard

Being on a budget is hard. Choosing to save money instead of spend it is hard. Being responsible when others around you are not is hard. But... Waking up every day not having financial pride is hard. Worrying over money as you try to fall asleep is hard. Feeling ashamed [...]

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Why should I budget?

Why do we spend time thinking about money, paying bills, balancing our checkbook or budgeting? Why do we even bother? It's not because money in itself is important. Focusing on your money in a productive way actually frees up your mental energy so you can focus on the things that really matter! [...]

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