25 FREE Business Resources

25 FREE Business Resources Who loves FREE stuff? Pretty much everyone especially when you’re building a business! I’ve learned over the years that just because something is free doesn’t mean it isn’t of value to my business. That’s not to say all free tools are good, only that there are [...]

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Things That Are Better Used than New

Things That Are Better Used than New We all have a budget and while I wish we could buy everything new, there are times when buying used or trading is the best choice. Have you ever gone to a trade party? The hostess picks a theme and each person brings [...]

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Top Secondhand Stores in the Phoenix Valley

Top Secondhand Stores in the Phoenix Valley We had a huge request for the top secondhand stores in the Phoenix area, so here you go: My Sister's Closet http://www.mysisterscloset.com/ Turnstyle http://www.turnstyleconsign.com/locations.php Buffalo Exchange http://www.buffaloexchange.com/ Hut No. 8 http://www.hutno8.com/ Clothes Mentor Chandler http://www.clothesmentor.com/stores/chandler/ A Second Look http://www.asecondlook.com/ Dolce X-Change https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolce-X-Change/1420906244859391?pnref=story Name [...]

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