Have your latte and enjoy it too!

Okay, so this is a topic that almost all of us can easily relate. Did you know that the average American spends nearly $1092 a year on coffee spots like Starbucks?! Any idea how much you spend? There's nothing wrong with splurging on a fancy coffee for yourself unless of course [...]

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Using Cash to Dine Out

You probably work as hard as I do, and I know every once in a while my husband and I like to go out to eat, as sort of a mini celebration for conquering our weekly goals. Well, in order to take the stress out of dining out, use cash! [...]

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Save money on your electric bill!

If you're in the Phoenix area, your electric bill sky rockets in the nasty summer months thanks to running the A/C all day. But if you're in my home state of Michigan, for example, it might be higher in the winter months. Or perhaps your electric bill isn't alarming but [...]

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