Coaching Programs for Couples

  • Imagine having a clear plan in place with your money!
  • Imagine the pride you would feel if all your money went to your priorities and goals!
  • Imagine how it would feel to know that your hard-earned money went to creating a life YOU love!
  • Imagine the confidence you would feel if you had the right tools to manage your money in a simple, productive and proactive way!

To begin this transformation, it starts with scheduling your Eureka session!


The Eureka Session

The Eureka session is a two-hour one-on-one session where you will jump start your financial journey. It is designed for individuals who share expenses or bank accounts with another person- you can be engaged, married, or simply co-habitating! (Same-sex couples, YOU are welcome!) During this session we will create the structure, steps & actions that are completely unique to you, all with the purpose of supporting and achieving your financial goals.

During this session you will:

  • Organize your expenses so there’s no more surprises
  • Create strategies for bill paying that's quick & easy
  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure
  • Tackle your debt and Design a debt payoff strategy
  • Gain control of the flow of your money - Stop winging it & Create a plan
  • Uncover your problems & Discover your strengths
  • Identify your Values & Priorities so you can Spend money on what makes you happy
  • Put the first steps toward your dreams in place
  • Find a common language for talking about money
  • Get in sync with one another and Learn the beginning steps to creatively work through financial decisions together

Here's what a few people said after their Eureka session:

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