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Daily Money Manager

Kelsa started Fiscal Fitness by teaching individuals and couples how to best manage their money in a way that fit their personality and lifestyle. Over the years, as she saw clients struggling to implement what she had already taught them, she noticed it wasn't because they didn’t want to. They had a million other things on their plate and, because bill paying and budgeting takes time, it became another task they had to fit into an already crowded schedule. That's when the Daily Money Manager service was created.

We will pay your bills. All of them. On time. Every time.

With the Daily Money Manager, yes, we literally review and pay client bills. But we’ve done more than pay bills. We analyze them too and, as a result, have saved clients actual money due to bogus fees or inaccurate statements they might have missed had they been pressed for time to manage their finances. For most clients, this service ends up paying for itself. We will never stop being surprised at how many mistakes or erroneous charges we find on bills that can get waived.

In addition to paying your bills, we will submit for reimbursements, dispute charges, settle credit card or debt balances, shop for your insurance, and negotiate with your creditors. All that boring adult stuff most people don’t want to do. You hire someone to mop your floors (another adult responsibility) so why not hire someone to pay your bills?

  1. We get organized. We will make a list of all your bills and expenses, along with due dates, so we know what to pay and when to pay it.
  2. We determine how much you need each pay period or each month for spending money. This steps sounds more difficult than it is. We've got a system in place to figure this out.
  3. We change your accounts. We will set it up so we can receive all your bills - either via mail or email. When we get your bills, it allows us to review everything before paying it to ensure there aren't any errors or hidden charges.
  4. Finally, we determine how often you want to receive reporting and communication. Each client can establish their own parameters. Some like to be kept in the loop on every detail, and we are happy to oblige. Others only want to know when something is wrong on a bill or if there's a dispute. It's totally up to you. And because this will be a big change for you, we can start with you being very involved and as you get comfortable, taper off communication.
  • Every step is time-stamped within your report so you can verify all the time spent is accurate.
  • After the first six months, we guarantee all bills are reviewed and paid on time. Should you incur any late fees or penalties, Fiscal Fitness will pay them. To date, we have never had a bill or expense not paid by the due date.
  • You can review my work every step of the way. You will continue to have access to all of your accounts, we simply share your access.

Ready to take budgeting and bill paying off your to do list?

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