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Are you a financially savvy person person that loves helping people budget, pay off debt and reach their financial goals? Do you love all things personal finance and want to help people master this skill too? Are you a financial advisor that is tired of the quotes, sales, and compliance headaches? Are you a business coach or professional organizer who wants to learn a proven system to help your clients organize their finances?

Are you ready to take the next step in your life to become a successful financial coach?

If that’s you then you are in the right place.

The Financial Coach Academy is an exclusive online, 10 week program that teaches everything I have learned in nearly 10 years as a financial coach and gives you the tools and basics to make a living doing this too. Imagine if you could learn the systems and strategies to turn your love for personal finance into a thriving six figure business. 

With this program we want to show you how to design your Financial Coaching business on your own terms, not using other training programs' "one size fits all" systems.  The people you want to help are all unique and shouldn't be expected to conform to a single coaching strategy.

Join the Financial Coach Academy - $799

Having an education in finance, being good with your own budget and having fun on social media does not guarantee profit or clients knocking on the door. You need mentorship from a Financial Coach - one that took her knowledge of finances and her passion for helping people with their money from a hobby to a six figure career.

How Our Program Can Help You

Join the Financial Coach Academy - $799

More about the Financial Coach Academy Program

Included in the program:

  • Weekly online modules and coaching video conferences that teach you how to master power partners, on-boarding, systematize coaching sessions for individuals, couples and small business owners, marketing and much more. All recorded so you can join live or watch any time!

    VALUE: $2,400

  • Access to the online resource library released with each training call. It includes downloads, contracts, worksheets and other material it took me nearly 10 years to perfect.

    VALUE: $2,200

  • Access to an exclusive mastermind group of other like minded financially, savvy professionals who are on the same journey as you.

    VALUE: $1,800

  • One on one feedback from Kelsa and her team.

  • Lifetime access to online files, templates, tutorials and modules as we add content! This benefit is available THIS ROUND ONLY as a Thank You for joining in early! As we grow and expand this program, you'll have lifetime access!

Join the Financial Coach Academy - $799

What is Your Why?

  • Welcome
  • Telling Your Story
  • What is Your Why?
  • Separating from the Pack

Identify Your Ideal Client

  • Find your Niche within a Niche
  • Problems and Challenges
  • Power Partners

Execution and Action Week


  • Pricing
  • On-Boarding
  • Questionnaires and Contracts
  • Overcoming Objections

Marketing for Financial Coaches

  • Conversations
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Social Media
  • High ROI Marketing

Execution and Action Week


  • Scheduling, payment, etc.
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Contracts

Execution and Action Week

Case Study

Mastermind, Open Q & A

Where are the classes held? 2017-08-18T09:07:59+00:00

The Financial Coach Academy is completely online!  Every Friday, starting September 1st (and excluding three Fridays that are execution weeks), you will join Kelsa and Michael in our private online web conference room.  You don't have to live any where in the Phoenix area or even in the United States! If you are unable to virtually attend one of the workshops don't worry, they will be posted on the online resource center within 24 hours.

Who should join the Financial Coach Academy? 2017-08-08T07:35:02+00:00
  • Financial Advisors who want to add additional service and value to their clients or want a career change and want to focus on day-to-day finances rather than investments and insurance
  • Business Coaches, Personal Organizers, Life Coaches or other professional coaches that want to have a proven system that will help their clients with their personal finances.
  • Financial Professionals that want to add value to their services or are wanting to move from corporate America to starting their own financial coaching business
  • Someone who is good with their money and loves helping their friends and family with their budgets as a hobby or side hustle and wants to turn your passion into a career!
What will I learn in Financial Coach Academy? 2017-08-08T16:48:36+00:00

Practical steps to taking your personal finance advice and knowledge and crafting a business model around it- everything from contracts and pricing to scheduling and marketing). We want you to learn from our mistakes and successes and implement them to create a successful Financial Coaching business.

We're not going to cover specific financial topics (i.e. what is a mortgage or what is interest) because we feel there are already great trainings out there (and we'll share the ones we like best) and we assume you know a lot of this already by having a passion in personal finance.

Some of the major topics include but are not limited to:

  • How to gain and utilize power partners
  • What technology to use and how to implement them
  • Marketing techniques that work (and what techniques don't work)
  • Client strategy session formatting
  • Our signature budgeting system
  • Back and front office optimization
  • How to find your ideal clients (and avoid clients that are not a good fit)
  • On-boarding clients from discovery session to graduation
  • And much more!
What will I be able to do with the information I learn in Financial Coach Academy? 2017-08-08T09:17:14+00:00

You will be able to take your knowledge and passion for personal finance and turn it into a successful Financial Coaching business from the ground up.

How is this different from Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach training? 2017-08-08T10:54:14+00:00

First of all price.  We provide significant value and content at a better savings than Dave Ramsey's program.

Secondly, Dave Ramsey's program is primarily about financial literacy and his financial teachings.  All topics that have been beaten to death in other books, courses, certifications and classes.  If you would like more training in financial topics we can direct you to some amazing resources. We won't spend time talking about mortgages, bankruptcy, estate planning, insurance or other topics that you are probably familiar with already.

Financial Coach Academy is about the actual nuts and bolts of building a successful  Financial Coaching business from the ground up.  We assume you have some knowledge and passion for personal finance and want to make Financial Coaching your career.  All of our workshops and topics are tangible and immediately applicable, not concept based.

What is the schedule of classes? 2017-08-08T08:55:01+00:00

Week One
September 1st from 5-7pm (MST)

Week Two
September 8th from 5-7pm (MST)

Week Three
Week of September 15th
No Coaching Call
Execution Week 

Week Four
September 22nd 5-7pm (MST)

Week Five
September 29th 5-7pm (MST)

Week Six
Week of October 6th
No Coaching Call
Execution Week

Week Seven
October 13th 5-7pm (MST)

Week Eight
Week of October 20th
No Coaching Call
Final Execution Week

Week Nine
October 27th 5-7pm (MST)

Week 10
November 3rd 5-7pm (MST)
Final Mastermind Hot-Seat & Q&A Session

What if I can't join live or I have to miss a module? 2017-08-08T11:53:39+00:00

No problem.  All of the live online workshops will be recorded and posted in the online training database along with powerpoints for each presentation, all the worksheets, templates and other forms and files. If you know you have to miss a date and have a question please email with your question and we will answer it during the online workshop.

What is the training format? 2017-08-08T11:39:09+00:00

Financial Coach Academy is a ten week online program where you will learn the most important, practical and applicable nuances of starting and operating a Financial Coaching business.

There will be six 90 minute live online workshops, 3 built in execution weeks to implement what you have learned (homework), one live online group mastermind and open Q and A, and a private Facebook group to connect and collaborate with your classmates.  All of the video workshops will be available afterwords so you can watch them as often as you want.

You will also get access to an online suite of files, downloads, contracts, powerpoints and other content, premade for you so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.  Those that register for this first session of Financial Coach Academy will get lifetime access to online training and downloads so you can continue to get updates as we continue to grow!

All content will be dripped weekly, one module at a time, so you won't rush ahead or feel overwhelmed.

What qualifications or certifications are required? 2017-08-08T08:38:22+00:00


Do I need a degree in finance to join? 2017-08-08T08:36:25+00:00

No! Just a desire to help people with their finances and a passion in personal finance!

What is my expected ROI for this course and do you guarantee results? 2017-08-08T11:41:14+00:00

We have put nearly 10 years of hard work into this course.  It will show you everything that has brought us success and every mistake that we have made so you don't repeat them.  We truly believe that everything you get out of this course is directly related to the effort you put into it.  We will provide ample execution time to be able to apply everything that we teach and are confident that works, plus accountability to keep you motivated and on track.  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any level of results.

What are my next steps? 2017-08-08T10:50:02+00:00

Register right now!

If you have questions you can call us at (480) 788-4588 or email to set up a discovery session to find out why this program is right for you!

How to know if this program is right for you:

  • You want to stand out among other financial coaches and advisors in a way that positions you as an expert in the industry and attracts new clients who are excited to coach or invest with you.

  • You are overwhelmed trying to start a financial coaching career and feel stuck by information paralysis, spinning your wheels and trying to piece together a process.

  • You are a financial advisor, business coach or corporate number-cruncher who is in a messy cycle of undervaluing yourself, your time and are stuck in hobby-mode.

  • You are craving a step-by-step system (the kind they definitely don't teach in most schools or certificate classes) without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars.

  • You know that without the tough love support of a coach and mastermind behind you, you're going to be stuck in the long and expensive route.

  • You don't want to figure out through trial and error. (Hint: I'll tell you what not to do because I've already tried everything. I know what does and doesn't work.)

Join the Financial Coach Academy - $799

Kelsa Dickey

After 7 years as a financial advisor and corporate accountant, I realized that I didn’t want to sell investments and insurance or deal with corporate red tape. I wanted to go after my real passion - helping people with their day to day finances, something I truly loved. So in 2010, I quit my corporate job that was draining my life force and affecting my marriage so I could start my own business as a financial coach.

At the time there were no people doing what I wanted to do (and there are still very few!), so I had to start from scratch. I worked out of my den helping friends and my family and created most of my own systems and processes. These same systems and processes have helped launch me as a nationally recognized financial coach.

Michael Dickey

Two years ago, Michael was unhappy with his job as athletic trainer and marketing coordinator for a local physical therapy clinic. Wanting to do something different than therapy after 15 years, he shifted gears to marketing full time for Fiscal Fitness. Having already witnessed Kelsa building the business over the years, he stepped in as if he had been there all along. 

Michael has implemented social media, marketing and web management systems from the ground up and also launched Fiscal Fitness Phoenix’s Corporate Financial Wellness Program.  He is the executive producer of “The Saver and the Spender” Podcast he co-hosts with Kelsa. 

I have helped thousands of people take control of their finances, relieve their money worries, and achieve their financial dreams. Let me show you how to do that while creating a lucrative business. 

Join the Financial Coach Academy - $799
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