Coaching Programs for Small Business Owners

Our clients come to us with a wide range of stress levels, financial challenges, concerns and goals. Most clients admit they're losing sleep over money, fighting with a spouse, working at a job they don't love because of the paycheck, stuck in a vicious cycle of debt, scared because they have no savings, commingling business and personal expenses, or have no idea where all their money is going. You may feel like "I'm in over my head, there's no way she'll be able to help me" or embarrassed and ashamed because it seems like "everyone else knows how to manage their money, how come I'm so bad at it?"  As a result, scheduling your first session with me can be quite terrifying.

You may be experiencing one or ALL of the above thoughts and feelings.

Either way, the truth for just about every client is this:

"I work really hard for my money, yet I don't trust or feel confident that I'm doing the right things with it."

Imagine no more sleepless nights. Imagine no more fights with your spouse. Imagine no more late fees or overdraft charges. Imagine the weight of debt lifted from your shoulders. Imagine the insecurity of no savings being lifted. Imagine having complete control over business and personal funds!

But that's just the start!

  • Imagine having a clear plan in place with your money!
  • Imagine the pride you would feel if all your money went to your priorities and goals!
  • Imagine how it would feel to know that your hard-earned money went to creating a life YOU love!
  • Imagine the confidence you would feel if you had the right tools to manage your money in a simple, productive and proactive way!

To begin this transformation, it starts with scheduling your Eureka session!


The Eureka Session

The Eureka session for Entrepreneurs is actually two, 90-minute one-on-one sessions where you will jump start your financial journey. It is designed for those whose income comes from their own business. With most small businesses, there's a dance that's played between personal & business finances. I believe strategies should be created by looking at the whole picture so we start by unraveling the connection between these two. Sole proprietors, LLC's, S-Corporations, just-starting-out, long-time businesses, those with lots of structure, or those who commingle it all... I will meet you where you are and we will grow from there! During this session we will create the structure, steps & actions that are completely unique to you, all with the purpose of supporting and achieving your financial goals.

During this session you will:

  • Organize your expenses so there’s no more surprises
  • Determine how to properly organize business & personal finances
  • Create strategies for bill paying that's quick & easy
  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure
  • Tackle your debt and Design a debt payoff strategy
  • Gain control of the flow of your money - Stop winging it & Create a plan
  • Uncover your problems & Discover your strengths
  • Identify your Values & Priorities so you can Spend money on what makes you happy
  • Put the first steps toward your dreams in place
  • Find a common language for talking about money
  • Get in sync with one another and Learn the beginning steps to creatively work through financial decisions together

You will also...

  • Learn how specific financial terms such as revenues, net profit, payroll, overhead and break-even relate to your business
  • Discuss the best practices and design a strategy for paying yourself
  • Establish business targets for revenues & profits based on your current spending and future goals

Here's what a few Entrepreneurs said after their Small Business Eureka:

Are you ready to feel the same way? Call us today at (480)788-4588 to schedule your Eureka session! Or you can click here to schedule online!



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