The Saver and The Spender Podcast Episode 7: Making Time to Budget

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Do you find that it is difficult to find time to budget?  For most people budgeting isn't fun but necessary and if something isn't fun then why do it?  We want you to get out of that mindset.  Finding time to budget is just like finding time to work out.  You have to realize what your priorities, goals and values are and make time for them.  Budgeting doesn't have to be an everyday thing for the rest of your life.  If you are just starting out we do recommend that you spend about 5 minutes per day (first thing in the morning if you can) and once you get the hang of it make it every other day, then weekly if you can manage.  

It is also hard to find time to have regular budgeting meetings with your significant other but this is a must.  There are some people that are numbers people (savers) and some people that are not (spenders).  The numbers person should realize that the spender only wants the facts when you have a meeting and doesn't care about the numbers.  This is 100% ok.  Make a bullet pointed list of everything you want to bring up, the spender gives feedback and talks about upcoming expenses and the meeting is over.  The spender needs to also be willing to participate and give feedback.  Saying "You can handle all the money, I'm not interested," is not allowed.  You are a part of the relationship and your input and feedback is necessary.  If not you are not allowed to be mad when the saver makes all the financial decisions and your wants are not met.

This week’s topics: 

  • What not to buy at Target and Walmart
  • Financial Rule of Dumb: Lifestyle expenses should be 30% of your budget
  • Listener Question: Should I switch from Wells Fargo to a Credit Union even if I have a credit card/ loan from them?
  • How to find time to budget
  • Carmen’s Corner: Should kids pay parents for phones, data and other expenses?
  • And much more….

Here is the video I mentioned about Sen. Elizabeth Warren destroying the CEO of Wells Fargo.  

Here is the dollar sign pool.  I'm really hoping that Puff Daddy lives there!


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