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Coaching Programs for Young Adults

Our clients come to us with a wide range of stress levels, financial challenges, concerns and goals. But most clients admit one thing:

"I wish I would have learned this stuff sooner."

You're young, working, and making money for the first time and sure, things don't seem too difficult financially. Maybe the money you're currently making seems like enough or more than you thought you'd be making! Maybe you don't have a lot of bills so you're thinking, "I don't need a 'Money Management System' when I don't have any bills to pay."

This is going to be difficult to hear but,

You couldn't be more wrong.

All of those thoughts are exactly why you should start now!

Our job is to teach you all this "money stuff" but not from a technical, "read this textbook" approach. And not from a "Don't make the same mistakes we did" approach either (I'm sure you can hear your parents saying that, right?). We're going to take the good, financial information and apply it to YOU and YOUR life!

We're going to share with you simple money management strategies you can easily put in place now so the way you mange your money grows as your life gets more complicated (because it will!). We're going to focus on your goals and your lifestyle (not your parents' goals or their lifestyle.)

  • Are you wishing you could travel more?
  • Do you see your friends buying a new car and wonder if that's a smart move for you too?
  • Are you counting the days 'til you can move out of your parents' house?
  • Do you want to feel secure?

As you'll quickly learn, or perhaps you've already noticed, money plays a role in most of your life's biggest decisions - the job you take or don't take, the city you live in, the car you buy, when you get married or start a family, the house you buy, if you feel secure, confident and free.

  • Imagine what it would feel like to know you're making well-informed decisions such as health insurance choices at the new job, how taxes get filed, or your options for your student loans.
  • Imagine not having to ask your parents for money or (more importantly) their money advice. You'll be a knowledgeable independent money-savvy adult.
  • Imagine how it would feel to KNOW that you're not just "winging" this "money stuff" and you're doing things the right way...the BEST way!
  • Imagine the confidence you would feel if you had the right tools to manage your money in a simple, productive and proactive way and no matter what life throws at you 1 year, 5 years or 25 years down the road, you have set yourself up to tackle it!

To begin this transformation, it starts with scheduling your Eureka session!


The Eureka Session

The Eureka session is a 90-minute one-on-one session where you will jump start your financial journey. During this session we will create the structure, steps & actions that are completely unique to you, with the goal of supporting and achieving your current and future financial dreams.

During this session you will:

  • Organize your expenses
  • Learn strategies for bill paying that are quick & easy
  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure
  • Tackle debt (if needed) or learn healthy ways of managing debt
  • Gain control of your money - stop "winging it" & create a plan
  • Identify your values & priorities so you can spend money on what makes you happy
  • Gain awareness and education around life's financial decisions

Call us today at (480)788-4588 to schedule your Eureka session! Or you can click here to schedule online!

Parents: Want to buy a Eureka session for your son or daughter? Simply call us! We'll take it from there!

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