One of my favorite childhood memories is playing catch with my mom in our backyard. She played softball in high school, so I could tell she was excited when I told her I wanted to learn how to play. I joined a league at a young age and played all through high school as well. Every so often, I talked my busy single mom into going outside and playing catch with me. I remember being so impressed with her arm. My mom could throw! I also remember her complaining the next day because her arm was so sore! 🙂

Being active is fun. Spending time throwing a ball with my mom was way more fun and memorable then hitting up my local gym.

At Fiscal Fitness, we think being healthy is as important as being financially savvy. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to be both. You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. Setting aside “30 minutes of aerobic activity 3-5 times per week” is a great goal but it’s not necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is as simple as going outside and moving your body.

Here are 10 healthy things you could do today that don’t cost a penny and will very likely be much more memorable than the 20 minutes you might spend on an elliptical machine:

1.    Go for a walk, solo or with a friend (human or canine)
2.    Go for a bike ride
3.    Rollerblade (or roller skate if you have them!)
4.    Take a hike, on a trail or up a mountain
5.    Toss around a football with your friends or kids
6.    Play frisbee (or frisbee golf!)
7.    Kick around a soccer ball
8.    Go to a park and play on the monkey bars
9.   Have an at-home dance party!
10.  Fly a kite

Whichever you choose, just get moving! It’s good for your body, good for your mind, and good for your wallet.