Garage sales are a great way to get rid of unused household items especially if you’re moving. There’s no need to pack things you don’t want or need, so why not make a little money from selling them. Garage sales aren’t for everyone but with a little strategy, the process can be less stressful.

Here are 10 tips for a killer garage sale:

  1. Know your goal. Are you having a garage sale to get rid of stuff or to make money? If it’s to make money, you may hold on to things longer than you’d like or need. If you’re looking to get rid of stuff, make a little money, and avoid having to throw away or donate items, you can get rid of a lot in just one weekend.

  2. Ask for help. You can’t run a garage sale alone. Ask friends to help you organize, watch for theft, and talk to visitors. Killer garage sale

  3. Fridays are your friend. People who have the cash and are looking for large ticket and like-new items start checking out sales on Friday. It could be your most profitable day.

  4. Post items online. Craigslist and local garage sale groups on Facebook are among the most popular for a variety of new and used items. I’ve seen everything from FREE and low cost small items to gently used furniture and appliances at reasonable costs.

  5. LOTS of signage. Guide people from the main streets into your neighborhood with brightly colored signs. Don’t forget to pick them up at the end of the sale.

  6. Placement is key. Make sure the large ticket items are close to the end of the driveway; they will attract the most attention from passersby.

  7. Price items to sell. There may be some items that you won’t part with at a low price and that’s okay as long as it isn’t all of the items. Our friend had a yard sale with clothing as far as the eye could see and it was priced to sell. At the end of the day, when she still had a lot left, she gave out paper bags for $5 and told people to stuff the bags with clothing. That saved her from having to bring it for donation and she made a little money in the process.

  8. Simplify pricing. People are going to negotiate whether there is a sticker on it or not so don’t waste your time labeling each item. Have a sign clearly stating what items cost – adult clothing $5, kids clothing $1, purses $2, etc. and let the fun begin!

  9. Negotiations are going to happen. Start the pricing at a higher price so you have room to negotiate and still make it worth your effort to have a garage sale. For larger items, it is especially important to know how low you want to go on price. Write FIRM on the price tag if you aren’t willing to negotiate.

  10. Donate what’s left. Remember why you had the sale – to get rid of stuff – and donate whatever is left at the end.

If you’re overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing a garage sale, think about how good it will feel to have less stuff and a little cash in your pocket. Here’s to your killer garage sale success!