2021 Goal Tracker

Do you want to actually hit your financial goals in 2021?

We’ve created a FREE Goal Tracker that can serve as your roadmap for your 2021 goals and help you stay present to them all year through. Here’s how it works. You’ll start by defining your first financial goal of 2021. There are 50 squares on our Goal Tracker, so each square represents 2% of progress toward your goal. Whether your goal is to pay off $____ of debt, save $____ toward a short/long-term goal, or invest an additional $____ into your retirement accounts, each time you make 2% of progress toward that goal this year, color in one more square. Post this Goal Tracker somewhere the whole family can see it (refrigerator) or tape it to your office/bedroom door so that each time you see it, you remember to stay focused on that goal.

Bonus: Do it with your spouse or partner if you share finances with another person. 

Here’s a preview of the 2021 Goal Tracker. We’ll also send you directions for how to complete it.

Download our FREE 2021 Goal Tracker today!