3 Ways

You already know it costs you money in late fees and overdraft charges and yet you still do anything and everything to avoid managing your money. You’ve tried systems and programs to keep you in line but they often just miss the mark. Why, you ask yourself, can’t you just sit down and do your budgeting? Maybe this will give you a little insight into your procrastination.


The number one reason we procrastinate is fear. In the case of budgeting, you may have had some negative experiences when you were growing up that are directly connected with money. These negative experiences may have left an indelible mark that challenges your psyche every time you even think about sitting down to manage your money.

Take some time to consider your thoughts around money and where they came from. Once you have a better understanding of the roots of your money issues, you will then have a better ability to choose a different path.


Even if you don’t have any deep seeded issues surrounding money, you may have never LEARNED how to manage it well. Perhaps money was just never brought up at all in your family. All of a sudden, you are an adult and are expected to manage it. However, you really don’t know how and the idea of learning is just intimidating. I mean, math was really not your favorite subject anyway…

Comfort zones are made to be stretched. And once a comfort zone has been stretched, it doesn’t go back. You can’t unlearn how to ride a bike. You also can’t unlearn how to balance a budget. Stretch your comfort zone and get used to how it feels. You will soon adapt.


It’s not a fear thing. You don’t feel uncomfortable doing it. It’s just BORING! I mean, come on! Don’t you have a million more fun things to be doing with your time than balancing your budget, like getting your teeth pulled? A major reason you may be putting off balancing your budget is pure boredom.

For those that are dealing with this type of procrastination, it is important to find a FUN and entertaining way to manage your money. Come up with a game or a more creative way to track your funds to encourage you to want to engage more.

You already know all the reasons you SHOULD manage your money and balance your budget. Now you know a few ways that can help you overcome procrastinating!

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