50 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money
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I often hear clients tell me that they have to spend money. It’s hard to live life, make memories, do things and be entertained without having to fork over cash. And while it’s easy to come up with things to fork over your debit card for, there is plenty to do that is at no cost!

Need some ideas? We have ideas.

Here are 50 things to do instead of spending money:

  1. Go to the library
  2. Sign up for a free class
  3. Cook a new recipe with ingredients you already have
  4. Watch a movie at home
  5. Organize a closet in your house
  6. Take your dog for a walk
  7. Call a friend
  8. Take your kids to the park
  9. Walk on the beach (if you’re near a beach)
  10. Read a book 
  11. Play a board game
  12. Take a walk with a friend
  13. Dance   
  14. Write a bucket list
  15. Start a gratitude journal
  16. Play cards
  17. Declutter a room
  18. Paint your nails
  19. Take pictures
  20. Organize your pictures
  21. Journal about your day
  22. Go hiking
  23. Take a bath
  24. Listen to a free podcast (Might we suggest the Fiscal Fitness Podcast?)
  25. Watch a TEDTalk
  26. Explore your city’s downtown
  27. Organize your files or receipts  
  28. Balance your budget
  29. Brainstorm ideas for your next project
  30. Plan a vacation
  31. Make a wish list
  32. Sit quietly outside
  33. Birdwatch
  34. Read a magazine or newspaper
  35. Listen to music
  36. Do yoga
  37. Rearrange your furniture
  38. Visit the museum on FREE day
  39. Go for a bike ride
  40. Visit with friends or family
  41. Download free meditation apps and meditate
  42. Wash your car
  43. Take a nap
  44. Call a family member in another state
  45. Update your resume
  46. Clean out your email inbox
  47. Go fishing
  48. Play guitar
  49. Volunteer
  50. Do something you’ve never done before

Hopefully, one of these ideas caught your attention or sparked an idea that maybe we didn’t mention here. The next time you think you have to spend money to have a good time, check out the ideas on this list.


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