A Nurse Practitioner’s Path to Success: How Molly Turned Her Side Hustle into a Thriving Business

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Meet Molly, a nurse practitioner, and single mom to three amazing kids. Her career was demanding, often stretching her workdays to the limit. 

Molly wanted nothing more than to have more time with her children and had an idea for a business that could make that happen. But pursuing her business idea would mean stepping away from the security and safety of her current job, which gave her family financial stability.

That “what if” feeling didn’t just go away. Molly knew that the business idea could be the start of the life/work balance (where “life” took priority), that she was looking for. Molly also knew that if she wanted to make that “what if” a reality, there would be some challenges…thankfully, she knew where to look for support.

Long, Exhausting Days

When Molly and her husband divorced she became hyper-aware of how important it was for her to have a plan for her money. Not only that, but it was becoming increasingly evident that her long work days were numbered. 

She was a nurse practitioner working for a family practice clinic and it wasn’t unusual to work 10-12 hour days. Getting time off was a challenge and she constantly felt like she was missing her kids’ events, or looking for someone to pick them up, drop them off or be home with them at the end of the school day when she was still at work. It wasn’t the life she wanted. 

Creating the Gameplan

Molly knew she wanted more. She wanted more flexibility to be there for her kids and knew that the hours she was currently working weren’t sustainable and didn’t create the life she wanted with her children. She had toyed with the idea of doing injectable aesthetics as a side hustle and was interested in trying it out. She didn’t know if this idea was anything more than a little dream, or if she even wanted to own an aesthetics business. But, she knew if she was going to figure this out successfully she would need help.

Molly’s Fiscal Fitness PHX coach helped her lay the foundation for testing her idea, making sure she could financially take the leap without risking it all. Together, they navigated all the moving pieces of starting this little side hustle. Molly and her coach planned everything from the services she would offer, how she would price them, and how much she would need to earn in order to cut back her hours in the clinic to only part time.

Testing The Waters of Entrepreneurship

As Molly took the first steps into testing her new business idea, it wasn’t without doubts. Change is always scary and couple that change with the pressure of being a single mom with three kids who depend on you and making a leap into entrepreneurship can feel exponentially scarier. 

Because security for her family was such a crucial priority of Molly’s, she and her coach were able to put extra thought into how Molly could safely “test the waters” with her new business. 

Oftentimes new entrepreneurs will leap before they are ready – sometimes they land on their feet…and sometimes they don’t. Molly knew she couldn’t be the latter, so she needed to explore options that felt relatively low risk. And that’s exactly what she did. 

The first step was simply to test the idea of doing injectable aesthetics out to see if Molly even liked it (Guess what? She quickly found that she did!). Molly tested this out without fully investing in an office space of her own, or buying a lot of equipment, but she simply rented some hours in an office that was vacant certain days and hours of the week. 

Being creative to allow for some flexibility and experimentation is what it’s all about in those early days and with the help of her coach, Molly was able to do a “trial run” without putting too much on the line.

Going Full Time

As her business began to take off, Molly faced a critical decision: “Could she actually leave her full time job???”

Leaving the certainty of a paycheck is more than unsettling. The fear of potential slow months, lack of clients and all the “what if’s” can hold people back from making the leap. But Molly had a plan. Thanks to her work with her financial coach, Molly knew exactly “when” the time would be right. She could see what her business needed to be making to give her the certainty and security that it was “safe” to make this change. She focused on building a safety net with her savings, she planned with her money based on “worst case scenarios” and month after month she saw that things looked even better than anticipated.

In roughly 1 year from the time of starting her little “side gig”, Molly was bringing in enough revenue that she could actually leave her job. And that’s just what she did.


In just TWO short years, Molly’s entire life had changed.

If you had told her when she first started talking about her “little idea” she never would have believed you. She had never REALLY believed she would be a business owner someday. It wasn’t the thing she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. And yet, here she was, running her business full time and loving every minute.

What Molly and her coach had created was even more than Molly had imagined.

Her business was bringing in MORE money than what she was earning when she was working full time as a nurse practitioner (working long crappy hours and having no control over her schedule).

She made her own hours and was able to be there in the morning, getting her kids ready for school, and home with them at night to relax and unwind together as a family. Now, if she wants to attend their track and field day – she just closes her office for the afternoon. If she wants to take a long summer break, she does the same.

Molly’s work with her financial coach has given her not only a plan and total control of her money – but it’s given her back control of her own schedule, it’s allowed her to prioritize her family, and she even finds she is taking better care of herself. Even more to celebrate was that she broke the $100,000 mark in her first year, and her business continues to grow steadily.


Molly’s life has changed in remarkable ways. She no longer feels torn between career and family. She can be there for her kids and is able to provide her children with more opportunities and experiences, the most important of all being their time spent together.

Since partnering with Fiscal Fitness PHX, Molly has enjoyed a freedom that she hadn’t even dared to dream of:

  • Starting her own business
  • Taking a 3 week summer vacation and traveling with her kids
  • Paying for camps and sports (without stress)
  • Renovating her house – all paid in cash

Financial coaching has helped Molly not only build a successful aesthetics business, but also provided the support and guidance she needed to create a life that she truly loved—a life of financial security, time with her kids, and a thriving career doing what she loves.

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