Michael and I are excited to have our first baby on the way. Miss Carmen will be joining us as a New Year baby- her due date is 1/5/16!

I know it’s easy to get lost in Pinterest-Land and see all the extravagant nurseries people have designed. I think about little Carmen and how she won’t even really care what her room looks like until she’s older! Is the room for me or is the room for her? We tried to keep that in mind when designing the nursery and we’re trying to keep the cost as low as possible!

The inspiration for the room was actual two Norman Rockwell prints that have been in my husband’s family for decades. They were a wedding gift when his parents got married 43 years ago. Then they were in Michael’s Grandma’s bedroom for years as well. They’re of a little boy and little girl with a bouquet of flowers and a puppy (so gosh darn cute!). Since the colors in the paintings are primary colors, our options for crib bedding were actually limited. There’s a lot of pastels in the nursery world!

We chose a Dr Seuss theme!

dr seuss nursery

The room was actually really inexpensive:

1. My husband made the crib- luckily I have a handy hubby!
2. We found the table & chair set on Craigslist for $40- about 1/3 of the price we’d pay for this set from Ikea.
3. The wall shelves were from Ikea but we got them in the “resale” section and touched up a few scrapes with white paint.
4. The paint was minimal since we only had to do small stripes. I think we spent about $40 total on the paint and supplies. We reused most of the supplies (rollers, etc) from prior home projects.
5. The bedding was the most expensive part. It was $159.99 for the set but we had a $100 gift card from a family member and used a 20% coupon along with it.
6. On the other side of the room we’re reusing a dresser for the changing table and storage. We bought a lazyboy rocker/recliner from a client of mine for $100- compared to the $500+ these go for in stores. We found Dr Seuss fabric at Joann’s on clearance plus used a coupon and my mother-in-law is making a window valance (not shown above). She’s using the same fabric to wrap around picture frames we’ll use as more decor. Luckily I have ANOTHER crafty person in my life since I am not!

All in all, the whole room will end up costing us less than a few hundred dollars so we can spend more money on the little rascal when she comes!  Why spend a lot of money when you don’t have to?

Here’s a few strategies you can use too:

1. Don’t be afraid/embarrassed/ashamed to ask for other peoples’ used kid items. The rocker was a perfect example! Those things are so expensive! I had a client whose baby was growing up so the chair was being removed from his room and they were going to sell it on Craigslist anyway. It was a win-win situation and it’s in almost perfect shape! They didn’t have a bunch of strangers stop by to look at it and I know I’m getting it from a clean family!

2. Don’t be afraid to shop consignment or the “rundown” section. These stores are kinda hit or miss but you never know what you’ll find! I’ve heard a few people say “I’ll never buy used for my kid.” To me that is such a shame! “Used” does not mean “Junk” or “Dirty”!

3. Shop around. The bedding was available at various stores and on Amazon but by shopping around and buying it from a store where we had a coupon AND a gift card, we were able to get it for next to nothing. So if you have to buy retail, spend some time looking around and making sure you’re not spending more than you need to.