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Budget help in all 50 states!

2011 was a great year for Fiscal Fitness Phoenix but 2012 is going to be even better! I'm excited to announce a big change that benefits so many more people- Fiscal Fitness is now offering coaching services in all 50 states! Not in the Phoenix, Arizona area? NO PROBLEM! Call [...]

Budget help in all 50 states!2013-05-04T23:42:26-07:00

How and When to Use Rewards Credit Cards

Call me weird, but I like looking at the Top 10 "Trending Now" topics on Yahoo. I want to see what people are searching for. Today, one of those topics was "Rewards credit cards", which made me shake my head and roll my eyes. Believe it or not, I'm not anti-credit [...]

How and When to Use Rewards Credit Cards2019-05-15T13:53:04-07:00

What Your Financial Goals May Be Missing

When it comes to creating and setting financial goals, we see common goals among our Fiscal Fitness clients. Some of the most frequent goals people have for their money are: 1. Payoff a credit card 2. Become debt-free 3. Save for a large purchase 4. Save for a vacation 5. Increase contributions to 401k [...]

What Your Financial Goals May Be Missing2019-08-06T09:39:08-07:00

Why Your Budget Fails

Have you ever filled out a standard budgeting template, told yourself you were going to budget ("This month I'm finally going to do it!"), and then failed miserably? I'm sure you know exactly which budgeting template I'm referring to since they're all the same: Income listed at the top minus a [...]

Why Your Budget Fails2020-06-09T19:41:52-07:00

How to Create a Vacation Budget

Here's the question I received via Fiscal Fitness's Facebook page: I was thinking a suggestion on how to fit vacations in the budget.  For example we will be in MI for 3 weeks in June.  How the heck do you plan/budget for a vacation?  We use vacation as an excuse to spend [...]

How to Create a Vacation Budget2019-05-10T20:26:11-07:00

Delayed Gratification

http://amysayre.zenfolio.com/ "Hindsight is 20-20" Isn't that a true statement? Normally we say "hindsight is 20-20" sarcastically when someone else makes a previous decision sound easy. Of course, we always look back and realize what we should have done. Have you ever stopped to think of why that is though? [...]

Delayed Gratification2013-04-30T17:53:21-07:00


Do you have a savings goal? Do you have debt you'd love to get rid of? Do you have a goal to retire by 50? Regardless of your goal, you're not going to achieve it without commitment. You must commit to your goal in order to succeed. Of course, positive results don't [...]


10 Ways to Be Active without a Costly Gym Membership

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing catch with my mom in our backyard. She played softball in high school, so I could tell she was excited when I told her I wanted to learn how to play. I joined a league at a young age and played all through [...]

10 Ways to Be Active without a Costly Gym Membership2019-07-11T09:17:56-07:00
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