We are so excited for our Beat the Heat 21-Day Challenge to kick off on July 10th!!  It’s just 21-days long —> You can do ANYTHING for 21 days!! 🙂

We are on a mission to empower driven professionals and entrepreneurs to take control of their money, and ultimately, their life!

Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure – well, then this challenge is perfect for you!

Every day there are a number of activities to complete in order to earn points.  Most of these challenges have to do with money —> steps we know will help you gain clarity, control, and confidence!  Other activities impact your life through things like charitable efforts or practicing gratitude.  Finally, the community aspect of this challenge is key, so sharing your activity or experience is usually necessary in order to earn your points.


Sharing, pushing, and inspiring each other is an important part of this challenge.  Share here:


This challenge should push you to learn new things and take action with your money, but it should also be FUN!! Are you ready?!?

The entry fee is only $97 and here are some key highlights of the challenge:

  • Specific steps to complete each day to earn points – get rewarded for doing good things with your money!
  • Access to worksheets and downloads that up until now have only ever been available to clients!
  • Access to Coach Jill, Coach Jaclyn and Coach Kelsa
  • Motivation and accountability from other participants just like you
  • Customized and targeted actions that help you save money, gain clarity and make lifelong financial challenges
  • and so much more!!

Register for only $97 by clicking here.  If you’re a client keep your eye open for an email that will have a coupon code to get 1/2 off!!

Oh, did I mention CASH PRIZES? That’s right – you can SAVE money and EARN money by playing!

You must be a member of our free Facebook Community to participate, so if you’re not already a member ask to join here.

Click here to register and for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) I participated in the 21-day Challenge hosted in January 2020 – should I participate again?
DEFINITELY!! We’ve added some fun, new, valuable activities this round, but even if we hadn’t, these activities HELP you improve your financial life!!

2) I can’t participate every day during the 21 days, should I still participate?
DEFINITELY! Some activities can be done only once, others can be done daily or weekly. Missing a day or even a few days is not reason enough not to participate!

3) I’m new and don’t really know what I’m doing yet, should I participate?
DEFINITELY! Many of the activities apply no matter where you are in your financial journey. For example, “Share a current financial challenge” might be for you “I don’t know where to start with putting a budget together – please help!” or perhaps its “I have all of my debt paid off, but now I’m not sure how to prioritize my goals. What comes next?” BOTH of these would earn points for that activity!! There are plenty of activities for everyone to complete, no matter where they are at financially. 

4) Why the buy-in fee? 
Two reasons – First, we want everyone who joins the challenge to be fully committed to showing up and participating. We know, if people pay, even a little bit, they show up and take action! We want you to work through some of the hard activities too and if you don’t have anything on the line, you’ll be less likely to commit at a bigger level. Second, all money paid in will be paid out in cash prizes! Top winners (those who earn the most points) will receive MONEY-MONEY-MONEY as their reward for putting in top-notch effort and stepping outside their comfort zone! WAHOO!

5) I’m nervous, I’m not really sure if I’m cut out for this or how I could possibly “win”
That’s exactly why you SHOULD participate!! Stop holding yourself back and DIVE IN! No better way to connect with others who are working to improve their financial life, move past your fear and take your finances up a notch than with this challenge!