Budgeting is Hard, But so is Not Having a Budget

Budgeting is hard. We are not going to tell you it’s easy, and you’ll get the hang of it right away. Like any new system or practice, it takes getting used to in order to make it work for you. If budgeting was easy, there wouldn’t be 18 million budgeting templates on Google. But as hard as budgeting may [...]

January 16th, 2019|Be Inspired, Budgeting|

Episode 49: Financial New Year’s Resolutions Super Episode

Get your finances in order. Whether it's your New Year's resolution or it's just time to stop the stress, we are here to help! According to a recent article, 32% of respondents say their new year's resolution is to save more and spend less money.  In fact, is in the top 5 of all new year's resolutions and also [...]

January 7th, 2019|Budgeting, Debt, Learn, Podcast|

Episode 48: What is your ONE WORD for 2019

Finding and declaring your ONE WORD for 2019 can set you up for success Research shows that resolutions are largely ineffective for making positive, sustainable change. Twenty five percent of people break resolutions within one week and sixty five percent break them within weeks. Selecting a word of the year can help us to embrace a larger vision that [...]

December 11th, 2018|Learn, Podcast|

Episode 47: Making your money goals money habits

We all have some kind of goals with our money and since we are getting close to New Year's resolution season it's time to start to get clear with our financial goals and how to make them a habit. The problem that most people have is that once they set a goal they don't actually follow through with it [...]

November 26th, 2018|Learn, Podcast, Strategize|

How to Tackle the Holiday Season without Busting Your Budget

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Or from the looks of most stores right now, Merry Christmas! Whether you are ready or not, the holidays are upon us. It’s time to start making your shopping lists and checking them twice, but there’s one big step before you start counting your Black Friday savings: Make a budget. (You totally knew we were going [...]

November 14th, 2018|Budgeting, Strategize|

Episode 46: Side hustles with special guest: consumer advocate from Jennifer McDermott

More and more people are getting super motivated to do better things with their money.  Sometimes that requires some additional income; especially if you are trying to make up some wiggle room in your cashflow or pay off debt really quickly. One of the easiest ways to get some extra money is to start a side hustle...or two. Are [...]

November 13th, 2018|Podcast|

Episode 45: What does financial success actually mean?

We very much live in a "keeping up with the Jones' " society.  Financial success for a lot of Americans means having tons of toys and making sure everyone sees them.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time those people that outwardly look like they are financially successful are really living with tons of financial stress, debt and living paycheck [...]

October 31st, 2018|Learn, Podcast|

Episode 44: What would you do if you won the lottery and why we keep playing it

The MegaMillions lottery, scheduled to be drawn on 10/19/18, is expected to pay out $364,514,000 as a lump sum.  That's A LOT of money! While it can be fun to spend a few bucks here and there to play the lottery there are some people that continue to play and lose, spending a higher percentage of their income than [...]

October 18th, 2018|Podcast|

Episode 43: Why hiring a financial coach is an investment in yourself

Money is the number cause of stress in America.  When you are stressed about money, in debt, feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck and embarrassed about all of it, the last thing you want to do is pay a lot of money for someone else to tell you how crappy you are with money Jill, our lead [...]

October 18th, 2018|Podcast|

Episode 42: How to use cash

Using cash can be a game changer when it comes to stopping overspending and sticking to your budget. We have come across studies (I wish I could find them right now) that have shown you save between 12 and 20% when you use cash compared to credit cards.  Part of it comes down to the money actually being tangible [...]

October 18th, 2018|Learn, Podcast|
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