Budgeting for a New Baby (Free Download Included)
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Our beautiful and smart daughter Carmen (pictured here) will be 2-years-old in December. So that tells you it took us almost two years to put together our all-around fabulous budgeting tool to help you plan for your new arrival.

Kids have a way of altering plans and whatnot.

We took everything we learned from our own experience getting ready to welcome her into our family, everything I’ve seen from clients’ budgets, and pulled it all together into a nifty spreadsheet we have provided below.

Each sheet in the spreadsheet has a column for a budgeted amount, the actual amount that was spent, and any notes you need to add about a particular item. (Bonus, you can also use this to keep track of any baby gifts you receive!)

The chart has five different tabs to track different types of baby-related expenses. We’ve broken them down by:

  • Getting Organized – Everything from baby shower expenses to medical bills
  • Nursing Clothes – Something first-time moms often don’t think about until they are in the thick of nursing at home
  • Decorations – Does your nursey need a new coat of paint and some artwork? Do you want to spend $150 on a rocker from Restoration Hardware? Are you buying a crib or getting a gently used one from a friend?
  • Breast Pump Accessories – These costs can vary greatly depending on what your insurance will cover, so definitely check with your insurance before buying a pump. You can save hundreds by not having to pay for it out-of-pocket.
  • Clothing – For you and for the baby. Your bodies will both be changing a lot over the next few months.
  • Coming Home Outfits – Treat ‘yo self and your baby to a going home outfit that makes you feel good. Just make sure to put it in the budget.

We realize you may not need every item on this list. For some people, a jogging stroller isn’t a necessity, but we hope by being as extensive as we can, that you’ll be able to think about and track the majority of the items you will need. (Also, listen to this episode of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast about how Kelsa’s baby brain led to one of her biggest budgeting mistakes.)

Simply click the link below to download our tool and get planning. Most importantly, enjoy the excitement of welcoming a new baby to your family!

Download the Fiscal Fitness New Baby Budget Here

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