The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, How to Budget for a Fluctuating or Commission-Based Income

One of the questions we get all the time is how to budget for a fluctuating income.  Teachers, per diem workers, business owners, employees with hourly pay with bonuses, people paid with commissions or even just not paid on a set schedule say that it's impossible to budget.  You're not [...]

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Kelsa featured on Arizona Family Channel 3

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year but it can also be very stressful because there is so much spending going on.  Kelsa was featured 4 times over the past few weeks on Arizona Family Channel 3 news talking about budgeting, money and the holidays. Budgeting for the [...]

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The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 23: Holiday Traditions and Gift Giving Ideas that will Not Break the Bank

Updated 11/16/18 Create memories with some holiday traditions that won't break the bank It's the beginning of the holiday season and the Christmas commercials have already been running for weeks. The holiday season hasn't really even started and some people are already fed up with the constant consumerism of the [...]

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The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 22: Active vs. Passive Investing with Financial Advisor Shanna Tingom

In this week's episode of The Saver and The Spender podcast, Kelsa avoids breaking Michael's computer and interviews financial advisor extraordinaire, Shanna Tingom, from Heritage Financial Strategies in Gilbert, AZ. Most people tend to take a hands off approach to investing, especially if you hire a financial advisor.  There are [...]

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