The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 40: 9 Strategies to Help Manage Your Time and Money

Time management and money management are intimately connected. We often see clients who suffer from poor money management in part because they have poor time management. The two are definitely related. “Why is a budget coach talking to me about managing my time? The reality is they are very connected [...]

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The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 38: How to Take your Business to the Next Level with a Growth Fund

Kelsa has worked with thousands of small business owners to create financial plans that account for personal and business expenses while planning for growth in both. She knows the importance that budgeting plays in keeping a business profitable. And before starting Fiscal Fitness more than 10 years ago, she was an accounting [...]

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The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 36: How Can Married Couples Get on the Same Page with their Finances

Jill Emanuel is the lead financial coach at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and has an inspiring story about how she and her husband pulled themselves out of being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. They were Fiscal Fitness clients for 5 years while they paid off [...]

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