Things That Are Better Used than New

Things That Are Better Used than New We all have a budget and while I wish we could buy everything new, there are times when buying used or trading is the best choice. Have you ever gone to a trade party? The hostess picks a theme and each person brings [...]

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Top Secondhand Stores in the Phoenix Valley

Top Secondhand Stores in the Phoenix Valley We had a huge request for the top secondhand stores in the Phoenix area, so here you go: My Sister's Closet Turnstyle Buffalo Exchange Hut No. 8 Clothes Mentor Chandler A Second Look Dolce X-Change Name [...]

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8 Ways to Save on a Tight Budget

By Nancy Mann Jackson With Kelsa Dickey Read on If you have little cash left over at the end of each month, it may feel like saving money is out of your reach. But it's not true. Even if the budget is tight, most people can find a way to [...]

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Is your business leaking money? offers small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs. Teri Cettina, an amazing business and finance journalist, put together a list of 5 Places your Business May Be Leaking Money. Below is a quick summary of the Top 5 but you can also read the full article here! 1. Meals & [...]

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