Give your employees financial peace of mind.

The Fiscal Fitness Corporate Financial Wellness Program lays the foundation for creating and maintaining a proper budget. Currently, only 32% of Americans use a monthly budget. Yet, having a budget in place is key to reducing financial stress, paying off debt, creating a savings safety net and improving productivity in the workplace. We believe the traditional budgeting system is flawed. It only allows you to see the past mistakes you’ve made, and your current financial situation. It doesn’t help you plan for the future.

Our program focuses on an intuitive, functional and predictive budgeting system. Other programs force feed participants information about retirement and investing. They ignore the day-to-day financial struggles your employees are facing now. And if they do teach about budgeting, they still teach the old budgeting system that has failed most people time and time again. We take an innovative, goal-focused approach to budgeting and financial wellness that will leave your employees feeling empowered and in control.

Before working with us, clients missed an average of 5.35 days per month due to financial issues. After working with us, it was only .94 days.

Why Partner with Fiscal Fitness?

Employee Benefits

  • Get tools and techniques that can start using immediately.

  • Learn an efficient, new way of budgeting.

  • Reduced financial stress.

  • Set financial goals with a purpose. 

  • Leave with a plan to pay off debt and save for the future. 

Employer Benefits

  • Improved employee morale

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced stress-related expenses

  • Empower your employees

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