The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Special Episode: Keeping Morale Up During Covid-19
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When there is so much uncertainty and things feel out of our control, it’s very easy to get sucked up in the worry and feel as if everything is “on hold” until this all blows over.

In this episode, Coach Jill talks about how important it is to keep morale high while living through this very uncertain time. We have the opportunity to choose or DECIDE what we really want to get out of this time, so let’s choose to make it a time that we can be proud of.

Notes from episode/ summary of major points/ etc:

  • Ask yourself: “What would make me really proud to say I did during the Covid-19 quarantine?”
  • Our level of productivity will translate to our mental health. Take care of yourself by finding a way to be productive.
  • Declutter, find a fitness or nutrition challenge to participate in, learn something new, put your spending in check with a financial challenge, volunteer or donate your time, money or talents. All of these things will help you to feel productive and proud of yourself at the end of this.

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