Meal prepping is huge right now and for a few reasons.  First, the cost savings of meal prepping compared to what you spend on random shopping trips and eating out is tremendous.  Secondly, the time efficiency of meal prepping is huge. Everybody wants more time in their day. You may remember we talked about meal prepping with Dimir from LifeHack Bootcamp on episode 13 of The Saver and The Spender podcast in which he said that spending 2-4 hours on a Sunday meal prepping is significantly less the time than it takes to cook individual meals and eat out daily.  Lastly, when you meal prep, you are in total control of the quality of what you put in your mouth as well as the portion size.  Win-win-win.

In today’s episode we talk with Dr. Mike Simon, from Crossover Physical Therapy in St. Michael, Minnesota, about his experience with meal prepping, how much money he saves every week on groceries and eating out (and it’s a crazy number!), how much weight he has lost. He also goes over his tips and best practices for getting started with meal prepping, where to purchase your food and what are his go-to home run meals.

We also are excited to announce the 2018 The Saver and The Spender Meal Prep Challenge.  Starting January 1st we will be having a meal prep challenge to help people follow through on their New Year’s resolutions to get better at sticking to a budget,  eat healthier and lose weight or both!  We talk about the rules and basics of the challenge in the podcast but you can find out more at