The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 57: Are you eating all your money away?
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One challenge that Coach Jill sees time and time again is that clients tell her they are blowing their budget when it comes to food and eating out. So many people are frustrated with how much they are spending in this area (or are too scared to even look!), but don’t know where to begin with getting it to a place they feel great about.

In this episode she shares some of the easy things you can begin to do today to gain control of your food budget and use your money for the things that you really care about!

Tips and strategies from Coach Jill:

  • Gaining clarity around how much you are spending on food and eating out is the first step to making a change. Total it up and reflect on what OTHER things you could be spending that money on? Are you just eating your money away?
  • Be open to trying something new. Shop at a new grocery store, mix up your meals, make dining out special again by making it an event instead of an everyday occurrence.
  • Shop the ads/sales and plan your meals around them.
  • Food and meal prepping will save you money AND time – the preparation that goes into it is much less than the hours you spend every week making multiple trips to the store or to grab takeout – don’t believe me? Try it for two weeks – one tracking your time without meal prep, and one with!
  • Meal delivery services definitely have a time and place – use the introductory offers to try out a few, even if only for a week here or there – sometimes they can be just the break we need in order to get back on the meal prep horse and try again!


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