The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 104: Emotional Spending and Preparing for the Holidays
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This time of year, tends to be one of the most EXPENSIVE for a lot of people. What is the best way to start planning and budgeting for the holiday?

When there are a ton of festivities happening all within a relatively short period of time, we often can get swept away with the fun, the tradition, the expectations of family or friends. We can ALSO be tempted by all of the sales and steller marketing tactics that abound in every inbox. 

We want you to be prepared for it all. Not only financially, but also emotionally, so you don’t get swept up in the excitement of it all only to regret your spending spree(s) come January. 

Notes from episode:

  • A lot of the really big sales that are going to be promoted in the coming weeks will have advertising that makes you want to “ACT QUICKLY” because the deal will end soon, stock is limited, shipping times may be delayed. All of these reasons will be used to push you to BUY and BUY quickly. 
  • Spending money should actually feel very neutral. The excitement should come when you get to enjoy the thing you have purchased. NOT in the actual transaction itself. 
  • Plan ahead for budgeting for the holidays by following these simple steps:
    1. Make a list
    2. Jot down the ideas you have for each person
    3. Get a price estimate for how much each of those items will cost 
    4. Total everything up. 
    5. Be prepared to cut things out
  • Don’t forget to budget extra for additional food, decor, cards, family pictures, donations, and misc extras.


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