Get the financial results you want by setting better goals.

Many clients tell us that setting financial goals isn’t something they have ever done. They say it feels really unnatural for them and isn’t something they feel comfortable doing. As financial coaches, we have definitely found goal setting is a skill that must be learned. The better you get at setting your goals, the better you get at achieving them time and time again.

Unfortunately, goal setting fails for so many people. Here are a few things we see or hear from clients when it comes to goal setting:

  • They say it feels pointless.
  • They don’t ever feel as though they are reaching their goals.
  • They forget the details of their goal.
  • Their goals are set up as pass/fail, and they find themselves failing time and again.
  • They aren’t specific enough, so they never know if they have actually achieved their goal.
  • When it comes to financial goals specifically – they don’t have a solid foundation (aka budget) that actually works – so their financial goals are more like wishes, rather than concrete goals where they can see the steps to take to achieve them.

In this episode of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Coach Jill talks about the steps you can take to become a master at goal setting and, more importantly, goal achieving.

Some steps you want to take to improve your goal setting skills:

  • Begin with creating a REALISTIC budget.
  • Stop making your goals Pass/Fail and use the Good-Better-Best strategy.
  • Write your goals down. 
  • Be specific.