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Are you avoiding your Big, Fat, Hairy Goals because they don’t feel realistic or tangible?

In today’s episode Coach Jill talks about your BFHG’S, big fat hairy goals. The problem with these huge goals we have we start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the thought that we will never achieve those BFHG’s.  It’s when we start to put limitations on what we can achieve plus negative self talk that really holds us back and makes us think these goals are unrealistic and unreachable.

How can you make them more tangible and real? What are the best ways to break down your BFHG’s to make them more manageable?  If you stay focused and follow Coach Jill’s simple tips you will see that your big fat hairy goals are actually very achievable!

Tips on making your BFHG’s more realistic, tangible and doable:

  • Don’t limit yourself to the bare minimum or the easiest goals or what society says your goals should be. Go for what is going to make you happy, what is exciting for you and what is in alignment with your values.
  • Once you accomplish your goal ask yourself, “What’s next? What is the next goal that I’m going to go for?”
  • Exercise: write down 100 big goals.  Do not self edit or limit yourself. There are no wrong answers. What are 100 big goals that you want to accomplish?
  • If you are saying, “This is my dream but I just know it’s not possible,” challenge yourself to find a way to get closer and closer to reaching that goal and making it a reality.  Don’t self limit yourself with negative self talk.
  • If you don’t start thinking about big goals that are 3, 4 or more goals down the pipeline you will get stuck and complacent and ok with the monotony.  
  • If you know your numbers and plan, you can actually create a very realistic timeline to accomplish your BFHGs.
  • For each goal, ask yourself:
    • What are the obstacles I must overcome?
    • How can I prepare for these obstacles?
    • What is my contingency plan when I hit an obstacle?
    • What are the first baby steps to reach my goal?


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  1. I am so excited do write down my 100 dreams! Maybe I’ll ask my husband to do it with me. He’ll probably get stuck at four or five, but hopefully I can help him dream more.

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