The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 62: The Power of Focus and Intentionality – Client Interview with Truman Weston
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The Power of Focus and Intentionality – Financial Coaching Client Interview with Truman Weston

Truman Weston is an accountant in the Lake Tahoe, California area, who stumbled across Fiscal Fitness while researching other potential lines of business that he could add to his already successful accounting practice. What he found through financial coaching is not what he expected, but so much more. This financial coaching client found that the connection between his money and his life was not what he had believed it to be. Through financial coaching, he found a renewed passion, not only for his business and its future but for his life. 

In this episode Jill and Truman discuss these pearls:

  • A plan without action does not get you anywhere. And accountability to take that action can provide the motivation you need to make a massive change in your life.  
  • Earning more money is not always the answer. Knowing that the money you are earning is being used to help you live the life you want can make all the difference. 
  • Being “good” with your money, and having clarity and a plan for your money are two very different things. Once you have clarity around your finances it can give you the confidence to make decisions and take actions that you otherwise would not have felt confident in making. 
  • Learn to dance with the feeling of fear. The more opportunities you give yourself to fail, the more likely you are to grow.  
  • If you’re ready to make a change, hiring someone to help and paying for financial coaching gives you skin in the game. 
  • Knowing you have an appointment with your coach, helps to push you into action. You know you have someone to show up for and will be held accountable.
  • Books and training are great for gaining knowledge, but coaches can help to open the floodgates.  


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About Truman Weston

After years of working with hundreds of small business owners as a CPA, Truman Weston saw a need.  The need is that most small business owners fall into the role of reactionary (working in their business).  They are consumed with putting out fires each day and over time they become tired of it, uninspired and alone.  They lose the excitement they once had in their business.

Simply put, this is due to a lack of clarity on WHY it is they do what they do and a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. Truman helps small business owners gain excitement through the development and execution of an inspiring strategic plan.  Helping business owners wake up each day with a sense of excitement for that day’s work is what he is here to help with.

If you are a small business owner and feel stuck, lack of focus, and are not excited about the future, Truman can help! He even has a no-strings-attached, exploratory 1-on-1 phone call to discuss your situation. Just send him an email at trumanweston@gmail.com or DM him through Instagram @trumanweston.

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