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Don’t make these money mistakes that Kelsa and Michael made!

Kelsa actually LOVES talking about the mistakes she and her husband Michael have made. Which, maybe sounds a little strange but it’s the truth!

Listen to the full episode to hear about each mistake, why she considers them a mistake, how she overcame them and how to avoid falling into the same traps. 

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

The easier it becomes to reflect on your past mistakes, analyze them and learn from them, the smarter you feel and the easier it becomes to anticipate future mistakes – and ultimately prevent them! How cool is that? 

The better we get at owning our mistakes, the easier it is to take them in stride when they happen. The result is that you can actually be better at taking action overall because you don’t live in fear of making another mistake. And we know that happens with people in money – they’ve done some things wrong so they’re sort of frozen in trying anything new. 

And it’s when we shy away from talking about them, brush them under the rug, don’t take personal responsibility for them that they become bigger than necessary. 

Kela tries to do this in her business – she talks very openly about poor choices or snafus and then addresses them head-on. Then guess what? She moves on! It’s freeing.

It’s now Kelsa’s turn to talk about her biggest money mistakes she and Michael have made!

Kelsa wants to be clear—-> She doesn’t regret any of these. Regret is such a strong word and in all of these, she’s somewhat grateful for the lessons they’ve given her, the insights she now has to do it differently and for making her who she is today. They have made her a better coach because when a client faces something after a bad choice, she knows what that feels like – to look a mistake square in the eyes and have to clean it up. That’s why she doesn’t REGRET any of them.

In summary, here are financial coach Kelsa Dickey’s top 5 money mistakes she and her husband have made:

  1. Getting her Master’s degree
  2. Buying a big house right after getting married
  3. No flexibility in her budget; her expenses matched income
  4. Baby-brain – not realizing just how much her decision-making was being impacted during this time
  5. She didn’t ask enough questions- they weren’t engaged or curious like they are now

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