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Are you settling for “good enough”?  Listen to Jill explain how to overcome settling for just “good enough”.

It’s great to know that your bills are paid on time every month and that you have no significant debt or that you have money going into your 401K. But just because money isn’t stressing you out, doesn’t mean you are reaching your full potential. One of the things the biggest things that holds people back from having an extraordinary life, is being comfortable and believing that what they are doing is “good enough”. In this episode, Coach Jill challenges you to look a little deeper. What possibilities exist for your life that you’ve not even begun to explore because you have shied away from pushing yourself in your financial world?

Notes from this episode:

  • Being intentional with our money gives us possibilities in life that we can’t yet even see for ourselves. 
  • Time is a precious resource. Every year we spend winging it is a year of lost opportunity to build a life of financial freedom. Stop wasting time. 
  • Think of any skill you have mastered – in sports, a hobby, your career – you have likely invested a significant amount of time, money and energy into honing that skill to become better. Yet how much time, money and energy have you invested into ensuring your financial life is at its peak? 
  • Wouldn’t life feel different if every month you felt like you were winning? If you had goals that you saw yourself moving closer and closer to and achieved them on a regular basis? How much more fulfilling would your work be? How much more enthusiasm would that bring to your life and your vision for the future? We rob ourselves of this by simply winging it or settling for “good enough”.

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