The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 70: Your Secret Weapon to Getting College Scholarships – Meet Pam Andrews, The Scholarship Shark - Archived

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“I loved every second of helping my kids apply for colleges and get scholarships,” said no one ever!

The average cost of college according to 2017/2018 polls show an estimate of $25,000-35,000 per YEAR and up to as much as $70,000 for some of the more “elite” colleges and universities.

Student loan debt is becoming one of the greatest financial burdens, so we asked college admissions consultant and scholarship guru, Pam Andrews, aka – “The Scholarship Shark” to join us today to offer some insights about how students can best prepare for college and navigate the world of college admissions and gaining scholarships to offset the hefty price of college education. 


Notes from the episode:

  • The best time to begin planning for college is as you are entering your sophomore year of high school. 
  • Pam explains the difference between the “sticker price” and the “net price” of college and what you need to know to avoid paying too much.
  • GPA is one piece of the equation, but many scholarships go unclaimed because they simply don’t have anyone applying for them. Even if your GPA is not as high as desired, you still could be awarded scholarships simply because you applied.
  • There is a recipe for success and starting early helps you to be in a winning position when it comes to scholarships. 



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