The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 72: The 7 Things You’ve Already Tried That Simply Are NOT Working
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You have probably tried many different budget strategies to help better manage your money. Most, if not all, have probably failed you and it’s not your fault!

If you find that your financial life is not where you want it to be, chances are good that it’s not for lack of effort. What we see here at Fiscal Fitness is that our clients have tried for years to turn things around, yet for one reason or another – nothing seems to stick.

Our mission at Fiscal Fitness is to provide you with the financial skills, behaviors and tools that will support you for the long haul. Give this episode a listen to see if you relate to the top 7 things we see people have tried in the past that simply did NOT help. 

Here are Coach Jill’s seven things that you have already tried that simply haven’t worked:

  1. Living extreme. You’re living on rice and beans.
  2. You’ve tried all those different budgeting apps out there.
  3. You’ve tried different budget strategies but they just haven’t worked
  4. You’ve tried swapping the bill, paying responsibilities, your couple relationship to see if someone else can do it better.
  5. You’ve tried switching all of those bills over to auto pay so that it simplifies life and that you’re finding that you’re feeling even more overwhelmed.
  6. You’ve tried doing what your friends or family recommend and it’s just not sticking.
  7. You’ve been trying your best to increase education, get those promotions, build your career, earn more money, and still you’re feeling like this isn’t working.

Resources for when you’ve tried different budget strategies but they continue to fail you:



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