The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 75: Making This Your Best Year Yet
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What makes a year your “best year yet?”. How is it that you can intentionally create the year ahead to be just that?

This episode helps you reflect on the prior year, its’ ups or downs and identify what made it so great….or not so great. Once you have that information, now you can use it to craft the year ahead to be one you can feel proud of. Coach Jill reviews six key areas of life to evaluate and create a plan for that allow you to move into the New Year with clarity, purpose and intentionality.

Let’s recap some points that will help to make this year your best year yet!!

  • Entering into a new year purposefully, must begin with a reflection on the year behind us. What factors contributed to how great, or horrible, we felt about the year behind us? How can we use this knowledge to intentionally recreate or completely reconstruct our lives in the year ahead?
  •  Being intentional with our lives requires thought and a plan. We can oftentimes easily name the things we want to do or improve upon, but we must have systems and quantifiable ways to measure that progress in our lives. 
  •  Evaluate the core areas of your life and set some concrete measures to make sure you follow thru. Coach Jill plans her year by evaluating these six key areas: Health, Relationships, Family, Finances, Career and Leisure/Fun!

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