The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 82: Overcome and Prevent Spending Temptations
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You can be really disciplined and still fall for temptations so today we’ll be covering 3 steps to conquering temptations once and for all.

Kelsa will be covering:

  1. How to identify when triggers happen for you – this awareness is key! 
  2. Then Kelsa will discuss 13 ways you can reduce the chance of temptations tripping you up and essentially ways to prevent facing temptations to begin with. And then…
  3. How to have a backup plan of free activities so that when temptation strikes, you are prepared!



Notes from episode:

  • Identify your spending triggers that are pulling you off track
  • Pick 2-3 changes you can make right away to curb your temptations
  • Pick a minimum of 5 free activities you can do instead of spending money

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