What are some simple activities that you can do that can have a quick yet significant impact on your budget?

Kelsa is going to share 5 of those actions!

Notes from episode:

  • 5 Quick money-saving and confidence-boosting actions you can take today
  • Why these things are more impactful than they seem on the surface

5 actions:

  1. Review your pay stub
    1. Is there anything you’re paying for that is optional that you’re not using? 
    2. Is there anything you’re paying for that you can take advantage of – such as an Accident policy or Aflac type. Or a prepaid legal service where you can get a free will for you and your family? 
    3. Does your pay look correct? 
  2. Call to get a CC interest rate lowered
    1. Call in the morning when customer call reps haven’t been answering the phone all day and getting yelled at by cranky customers all day
    2. Use first names, thank them for their help
    3. The first couple times, you might hear no. Thank them for their consideration and hang up.
    4. Wait a week or a few days and keep calling back.
    5. Tell them you’re loyal and you are hoping they can work with you. You don’t want to have to transfer the balance elsewhere and you’re looking to see what they can do.
    6. Even if they say it’s temporary – such as we can lower it for 6 months, take it. Every little bit helps. 
  3. Review your bank and credit card activity – NOT doing this can really bog us down mentally. 
    1. We worry and question about what might be happening or clearing that we’re not aware of. We start to think “Gosh, I’m sure I’m blowing money but I just don’t have time to get organized.” And these thoughts to lead us to feeling bad with money and the trickle affect can be damaging. 
    2. So block off the time NOW to review all activity for the past 3 months on your credit cards and bank statements and even if you don’t find anything wrong or that you can cancel, I promise that will be so reassuring and will be a huge boost to your financial confidence.
    3. Are you paying bank fees and you can avoid that by jumping through a hoop or two?
  4. Cancel a subscription you aren’t using
    1. You can ALWAYS add it back later and chances are, they’ll even discount it substantially for getting you back. 
  5. Make a list of free activities you would enjoy doing
    1. And don’t just make a list but do any research too. The idea is that if you’re tempted to spend money, you want these things to be as easy as possible to do. No burden of figuring out where to park or what the address is, etc. Planning ahead is the trick.
    2. List of 50 Free activities can be downloaded by clicking here: fiscalfitnessphx.com/episode82

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