The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 86: How to keep your Amazon spending in check
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Amazon has made it so easy and convenient to have all of your purchases on your doorstep within a matter of days (or sometimes hours!). The convenience is great, but how is this impacting your finances?

The convenience of being able to order anything we want in the click of a button, may be holding you back from reaching your financial goals.

In this episode, Coach Jill gives some quick and simple tips to help you gain control of your Amazon spending habits in this episode of The Fiscal Fitness Podcast.

Coach Jill’s Amazon best practices to stop overspending:

  • The convenience of instant gratification may be sabotaging your financial goals.
  • Practice strengthening your delayed gratification muscle by adding items to your cart, but waiting to click “buy” until a set day each week. (**Hint – choose a day at the beginning of the week – try Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Review your cart each week and determine if you still want each item and if the total amount of items in the cart are in line with your spending goals. 
  • Move anything that isn’t top priority onto your wishlist to save for later.
  • Prefund an Amazon gift card for yourself to keep your spending on track. Each payday, put a set dollar amount onto your gift card and make a commitment to yourself not to spend more than what you have put on the card.  


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