The Fiscal Fitness Podcast: Episode 87 Financially Preparing for quarantine and social distancing to end
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As we start the slow return to normalcy following the COVID19 quarantine, it’s time to consider what our spending habits will be.

Companies will more than likely start to market towards our need for normalcy and the things we have been missing out on the past few months.

Jill and Kelsa talk about some strategies to make sure that your climb out of quarantine will be well within your budget!

Tips from Jill and Kelsa:

  • Some expenses you may see a quick spike in
    • eating out
    • travel
    • entertainment
    • What else do you expect?
  • Don’t forget to add back into your budget
    • childcare
    • gas expense for traveling to work
    • kids activities if they were cancelled for a while
  • Grooming
    • hair
    • nails
    • facials
    • waxing
    • etc
  • Be honest and realistic with yourself on what you may need to add
  • If you lost your job, now is the time to get your resume updated and maybe learn a new skill that makes you more marketable


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