The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 89: Meet our newest team member, financial coach Jaclyn Wise
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Meet our newest Financial Coach, Jaclyn Wise!

As a former math teacher you might expect budgeting would come easily, but Jaclyn shares she was a mess when it came to budgeting and balancing her own checkbook. Once she started making “real” money, she thought her finance worries would be solved. She was wrong. Six years after graduating college, she found she was still living paycheck-to-paycheck and feeling extremely jealous whenever her friends posted pictures on Facebook of themselves enjoying vacations in exotic places. She scrutinized and antagonized every purchase she made, big and small. Money made her feel all the wrong feelings. 

That was years ago. Today, her life looks a lot different.

Since investing in financial coaching in 2015, Jaclyn and her husband have made a remarkable amount of progress in five short years.
Jaclyn shares her story of how she became a financial coach and some of the challenges she has overcome along the way. Jaclyn has a heart for financial coaching and wants you to see the all of the possibilities in life too. She is on a mission to help you reach the goals you have in life. Even the ones that seem out of reach right now. The thing is they’re not. Jaclyn cannot wait to show you how much closer you are than you think.

Listen to the episode below:


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