What does it mean to be interested vs. invested and how is this showing up for you in your life? The energy behind these two words and the actions we take are entirely different and in this episode, Coach Jill dives into how being “interested” in something is showing up for you in life and how it is holding you back from creating the life you want.

When you are interested in something what value do you place on it compared to when you are invested in something?

What are some things have you been interested in but never really committed to?

What are some things that have been invested in that was a bad choice in the long run?


Notes from episode:

  •  Think about something you have been “interested” in. What does this look like for you? What results are you getting in your life?
  •  Think about something you have “invested” in. How did you show up differently? What was the result of being invested?
  •  How were your actions different between being interested or being invested?
  •  What area of your life are you currently interested in and how can you invest to get the results you are seeking?