Fiscal Fitness empowers business owners, individuals and couples to change how they spend and save money through our financial coaching services offered across the United States. We often get the following questions about financial coaching:

Are you going to try to sell me insurance?2021-08-08T13:21:01-07:00

As financial coaches, our focus is purely on a person’s day-to-day money. We don’t sell investments or insurance, nor do we take payment or kickbacks from any third-party product or service. We do that because we want you to know we have no ulterior motives. Our sole focus is on you, the client, your needs and your goals.

I’ve tried budgeting before. It doesn’t work for me. All you do is budget?2019-04-09T18:29:10-07:00

Our approach is nothing like the typical budgeting approach. It’s proactive and much more fluid than the standard, rigid, strict approach to budgeting. Imagine a system that shows you the impact of a decision you make today on an upcoming paycheck, future month or current goal? Our system gives you that structure and our coaching teaches you how to make decisions within that structure while pushing you to do even more.

How can I afford to pay you when I can barely even pay my own bills?2019-04-09T18:32:08-07:00

We struggled with this a lot when we first started but time and time again we’ve seen firsthand that our fee more than pays for itself. We typically find more in the budget than what we charge… we will get you to put more in savings or pay down debt faster than you have ever been able to and most importantly, we teach you how to do it so it continues long after we’ve worked with you. None of this is even to mention the emotional and psychological benefits clients experience such as less stress, a more positive outlook, more excitement and a stronger sense of pride and confidence around their money and today’s choices. Our fee is an investment but it’s an investment worth taking.

Why would I need to pay someone to budget for me?2019-04-09T18:34:27-07:00

We equate this to hiring a personal trainer. We could all go to the gym, but many of us won’t. And even if we do, we won’t push ourselves as hard as a trainer. There’s a greater level of accountability, motivation and most importantly, faster results when working with someone. Also, managing our money is a skill, much like cooking, painting, or even a sport. Some people are really gifted and talented in these areas and some are gifted with managing money. Those who are naturally good with money don’t need us, but for those who want to learn how to be good at it, that’s who we help. Kelsa often jokes very honestly about how she’s a terrible cook… and yet when she say that, no one thinks less of her or thinks she should be embarrassed about that. Yet for some reason, when it comes to money, people feel ashamed about not being fabulous at it. Finally, we aren’t just good at this money stuff, we’re great at it. So if you want to feel amazing with your money, that’s what we do.

I don’t live anywhere near Phoenix. Can I still work with you?2019-04-09T18:37:13-07:00

Absolutely! We are honored to work with individuals, couples and solopreneurs all over the country! All you need is a computer and internet! Web conferencing is an option for all of our sessions. We send you a link to a service called Zoom that takes you to a secured virtual meeting place. We can talk, see each other and I can even share my screen and draw in order to demonstrate things. You will be able to view my screen as we work through your budget, spreadsheets or other presentations. You do not need to create an account to use Zoom, we pay for the service to make our sessions as easy as possible for you.

I own my own business but I just want help with my personal budget, is it ok if I just do an Individual Eureka session?2019-04-09T18:39:45-07:00

We get this question a lot but we require partnering with you on both your business and personal finances simultaneously. These two are so connected and we love creating a “marriage” between the two- where both your personal AND professional goals are being accomplished financially and one is not pulling from the other. Second, while we could probably put a solid strategy in place for just one, a mishap in the other could cause that plan to fall apart. Finally, owning a business allows us a greater level of creativity and flexibility with your expenses and cash flow that unless we can see what’s happening in both, you miss out on this valuable accounting knowledge expertise. The Small Business Eureka is well worth the added cost!

What can I expect from a financial coach?2019-04-09T18:48:21-07:00

Just like a personal trainer at the gym helps you identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them, they also hold you accountable and challenge you when you’re ready. They push you to add more weight or do just one more rep. Imagine if you had someone like that but when it comes to saving one more dollar or paying just a bit more toward your debt or another financial goal you have? We are personal trainers for your money – that’s the best we have found to describe what we do!

The best way to begin and experience it yourself is by scheduling your EUREKA! Session. This session is incredibly valuable but it can also help you determine whether more intense coaching is necessary or desired. During this meeting, we discuss your financial situation in depth but you also have the opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns or hesitations. The EUREKA session is designed to allow us enough time based on the complexity of your financial situation – Individual, Couples, and Small Business Owners.

You have no obligation to work with us after this session so you have nothing to lose! Once you decide you’re ready to get control over your finances, the work begins! Together we create a plan for your money. Once this plan is established, we don’t simply send you on your way. We are with you every step of the way- continuously monitoring your budget, holding you accountable, establishing habits, and tackling unexpected hurdles right along side you!

The next few sessions will be used to make some positive and empowering changes toward a more secure financial future. We are results driven so we won’t simply be giving you ideas or general concepts. With Fiscal Fitness coaching, we will work through specific steps or tasks to give you back control while learning how to manage your finances on your own.

Why do people use a financial coach?2019-04-09T18:45:56-07:00

Here are just a handful of reasons people usually come to us:

  • You don’t have a clear outlook on your financial future but you want one
  • You want to know confidently that you’re doing the best things with your money
  • Money is something that causes you to worry or it’s a big stressor in your life
  • You have a goal you’re not sure how to tackle – debt payoff, education, business growth, a new house, a big vacation
  • You are doing “fine” financially but you want to be doing great!
  • You’re not sure how the choices you’re making today are impacting your future goals
  • You and a significant other are not on the same page
  • You “make good money” and yet there’s still a bit of a rollercoaster ride happening from one month to the next
  • You recently experienced a life change- marriage, divorce, graduation, job change, child birth
  • You are about to experience a life change
  • You know what you should do but need some accountability
  • You feel in control but would you like an objective opinion or perspective
What’s the difference between financial coaching and financial advising?2017-06-14T21:33:24-07:00

Your financial advisor has the ability to broker various products for you- insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. At Fiscal Fitness, we do not sell any financial products.

Our goal is not to sell you anything, but to teach you and empower you to manage your money in a smart, satisfying, and promising way. Our services are fee-based only; we commit to serving you without compromise.

We do not accept payment from investment advisors, insurance providers or other financial services allowing us to keep our clients’ interest as our only concern. Before you can gain any benefit from a financial advisor, you need a solid foundation. It’s in building this foundation and creating smart money habits where we come in!

What is financial coaching?2019-04-09T18:52:52-07:00

Most people know to call a financial advisor for advice on investments or long-term finances. But it’s also okay to need help with more of the day-to-day part of money such as gaining clarity, setting short term goals, putting a plan in place that serves you well and supports those goals! If you are looking to expand your knowledge, achieve more and become more confident and skilled with your money, a financial coach is perfect for you!

Your needs are unique. Our coaching services can help guide you through your special circumstances, teach you how to take control of your situation, and create a plan to tackle your goals. What kind of life are you trying to create? Let’s take the financial steps needed to make that happen for you.

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