Today I received the following email from a client after working with them for six months. I hope for every person to ultimately feel this good about where their money is going, what they’re doing with it, and how they’re communicating about it. How does your money make you feel?

I really don’t even know where to start. So many positive things came from meeting with Kelsa it was unbelievable. I was a little nervous/skeptical at first but I figured that my wife and I had to do something. We definitely made one of the best decisions of our lives. We never fight, or worry about money or paying bills or having unexpected bills anymore. The hardest thing to do now is to decide where we put the EXTRA money at the end of every month! I really couldn’t believe how quickly things started coming together. We were paying off cars, credit cards, etc…. It felt so good and so empowering to be in charge of our own money. I can’t express how we have changed since meeting with Kelsa. She not only changed our budget and money habits but she changed our way of thinking and how we spend and save money. It was truly life changing. Plus she was a great person to bounce ideas off of and give you an honest opinion. She was also a great mediator if there was ever a difference of decisions between me and my wife! I think Kelsa is successful because she is a very knowledgeable, trusting, and a very motivating person. She is a great financial coach! I would highly recommend her to anyone. -Justin, Detroit, MI